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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adding a Lookup Table Value to an Enterprise Resource's Custom Field

These samples are taken from a much broader framework that I can't post here.  You should be able to figure out the framing you need to get these concepts into play yourself.  If not, comment and I will try to respond.

An enterprise resource custom field "X" defined as Text with Lookup Table is defined.  A resource is created and you need to programmatically add a lookup table value to the resource's X custom field:

Parameter resourceGuid is the Guid of the resource you want to update.

fieldGuid is the MD_PROP_UID defined on the custom field (see ProjTool to see how to get at these programmatically)

valueGuid is the Guid of the specific lookup table value you wish to add to the resource's values.  See below for a code snippet demonstrating how to get at the values.  In particular, the value of LT_STRUC_UID is what you are after here.


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