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Friday, October 19, 2007

Microsoft Project 2007 COM AddIn
I am working on a COM AddIn for MSP 2007, using VS2005 (C#). The add-in will do many things, but one requirement in particular is interesting: detect when a project of a specific "type" (explained in a minute) is opened and completely reconfigure the Project user interface, So, how far can you take configuring the Project UI? Pretty far. In fact, take a look at this image.  Microsoft Project 2007 with Minimum User Interface The Application.CommandBars collection gives the developer quite a bit of control over the menus and toolbars expressed in the user interface.  I opted to remove them all, so I can start with a clean Microsoft Project user interface.  The next step was to create my own replacement menus and toolbars.  Also, I have to restore the user interface when the user closes one of the specially "typed" projects.  An enterprise custom field exists that sets the "type" of the project.  Without going into specifics, the point is to radically modify the user interface of Project for these types of projects.  More on this is subsequent posts.

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