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Friday, December 07, 2007

Quick Update & Project "Rosario"

I just pushed out another internal release of our project management 360° assessment framework yesterday. The product looks great. I am waiting for our product marketing team to give me the green light to blog on it. It could be a couple more weeks. Stay tuned... I am excited about this product. I found something interesting on MSDN a couple of days ago. Check out what Microsoft is planning to do with a future release of Visual Studio (code named "Rosario"):
  • Joint prioritization and management of IT projects through integration with Microsoft Project Server
  • Project management across multiple projects for proactively load balancing resources according to business priorities
  • Full traceability (inc. hierarchical work items) to track project deliverables against business requirements and the ability to conduct rapid impact analysis of proposed changes
  • Comprehensive metrics and dashboards for shared visibility into project status and progress against deliverables
  • Powerful new features to enable developers and testers to quickly identify, communicate, prioritize, diagnose and resolve bugs
  • Integrated test case management to create, organize and manage test cases across both the development and test teams
The full post can be found here: It is great that Microsoft is investing so much in project management. Until that future release, those of you that want integration between Visual Studio Team Edition and Microsoft Project Server 2007 can check out the connector on CodePlex: Have a great weekend!


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