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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Solitary Developer...

Our team is small and geographically distributed so I find myself working alone quite a bit--with just virtual ad hoc discussions with other developers.  After having worked at Microsoft and other technology companies and spending quite a bit of time in development teams, I find it challenging to work outside of a team.   One way I try to stay connected is to read smart people's blogs.  One of my favorites these days, even though he hasn't written for a long time (off on some top secret gig at Microsoft), is Chris Brumme.  Interestingly, Chris learned how to program when he spent a year in bed due to a broken back!  His BA is in biology and classic languages


zack said...

Hey, at least you are coding. ;-) You can have the people and the meetings if you want. I'm not stalking you. Well, not exactly. I saw the blogger window open the other day during the Schedule presentation you did and well, you know, you're name is not exactly common.

I hope all is well my friend. I too wish we actually had a formalized focused team set up - it would definitely make this virtual thing a lot less lonely.

Colby Africa said...

Yeah, I miss yelling over to you on the other side of the office about whatever was driving us crazy at the moment... I don't need a lot of meetings, but I miss having other devs around.


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