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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Couple Recommendations: Shared Source CLI & The Teaching Company

Chris Brumme of Microsoft recommended a great book: Shared Source CLI Essentials by David Stutz, Ted Neward & Geoff Shilling.  If you are serious about understanding .Net then this is an important read.  Coupled with the CLI implementation, anyone with a decent grasp of C/C++/C# can get into the guts of how the common language infrastructure is designed and implemented.  I am about half way through with my first pass which I plan to follow with a second pass where I will dig into the CLI source.  Geek on!

Second, I am watching The Foundations of Western Civilization, a 48-part lecture series delivered by Thomas F.X. Nobel of the University of Notre Dame.   The series is produced by The Teaching Company  I also have watched about half of the lectures on Calculus.  If you are life-long learner, I highly recommend The Teaching Company.  The company's portfolio also includes introductory programs on many topics at the high school level--so if you are a parent with a struggling student, these lectures might be helpful.  The lecturers are highly engaging.

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