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Monday, March 10, 2008

Microsoft Project 2003 to 2007 Migration Workbench Part III

In two previous posts (Part I and Part II), I wrote about a migration tool I have been working on.  I mentioned field maps which provide a mechanism to selectively map data between Microsoft Project 2003 and 2007.    The two images below show something about how this works.  As I mentioned, we are taking a large number of activities from a singe MPP file and migrating them into different projects in Project 2007.  The image below shows the Event Type that each activity in Project 2003 has, the Project 2007 project name and GUID. 

Each Project 2007 project corresponding to the 2003 Event Type requires slightly different activity definitions (the Personal Time Off project doesn't contain information about client, sales person, region, as an example).  The migration code scans the Event Type, figures out which Project 2007 project it belongs in, then reads the field map corresponding to that Project to determine which fields should be read and copy/updated to which fields in Project 2007.  


The image below shows the field map definition for a specific project.  Selecting an item from the Microsoft Project 2003 Field Type causes the Microsoft Project 2003 Field list to update with just those fields that match the field type (in the image below, selecting "Custom Date" causes the list to filter to just custom date fields).  Selecting an item from the Microsoft Project 2007 Field Type causes its matching list to filter for just date custom fields.... Makes sense.  You can also add a comment for bookkeeping purposes.  Clicking the little green "+" button adds the field map.  If you change a map, you persist that change by clicking the edit button to the right of the "+" button.  As you can imagine, clicking the red "-" button removes the map.

There is some repetition across all the projects so I added a "Copy Maps" feature as well.

Sure beats creating these maps directly in the SQL table they are housed in!


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