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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Microsoft Project Fx (mpFx)

My new CodePlex project is up.  There isn't much up there but this is where you will find all of the source code I release regarding Microsoft Project.  I am currently writing zero code and focusing developing a vision and plan for the first release.

Here is an excerpt from the vision document for 1.0:



Microsoft® Office Project 2007 (Microsoft Project) underscores Microsoft’s continued commitment to the developer community concerned with developing robust planning and scheduling tools for organizations with Microsoft Project deployments. The new Project Server Interface (PSI), a series of web services, expose functionality and data which have been traditionally the purview of the Microsoft Project Windows® client and the Project Data Service. Most significantly, PSI brings a consistent and modern programming model to the world of Microsoft Project solution development.

While the PSI is a dramatic improvement over previous Microsoft Office Project Server (MOPS) extensibility strategies, the programming model is under-documented and requires a tremendous investment to learn and successfully employ in developing solutions around MOPS.

Microsoft Project Fx (mpFx) version 1.0 is a class library that wraps the web services exposed by PSI in an effort to ease development of PSI applications, increase developer productivity, and reduce the amount of rework required to perform similar programming tasks across multiple projects. Beyond the 1.0 class library, mpFx is a collection of tools and technologies designed to increase developer productivity and ensure that Microsoft’s investment in Microsoft Project and PSI is embraced by developers tasked with designing solutions around Microsoft Project.


I will be working on mpFx in my spare time so I apologize if this takes me a while. I have a lot of ideas and I am looking for contributors!  


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