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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blogging from New York City

Manhattan is a slightly rough diamond set in a sea of humankind...I love this place.

I lived here for a couple of years and enjoyed every second of it.  The work, the people, the diversity, the pace, the prices (well, maybe not that)--plus my wife and I spent our first year together in Manhattan and learned to live happily in 218 square feet.  We cleaned our apartment to a New York shine in about 14 minutes. 

Those days are long gone, what with two kids and a real house with a back yard, but our memories still cause us both to go completely silent when we see Manhattan in a movie or a book.  The smells of the city bring back so many images and feelings from that time. 


The picture to the left is a shot looking down Broadway from W 53rd, towards Time Square.  My wife and I loved to walk the city.  Our Block Buster store is on 8th and 51st, a few blocks from where this shot was taken.  We used to walk down 48th or lower on the way to get a video so we could walk through the Time Square area, just to take it all in.  We love movies and must have taken this walk more than 200 times during that year.  Here is a shot of our Block Buster.


It is a funny thing about walking in Manhattan.   You can tell those who have lived here for a while from the tourists simply by how they navigate through streets.  It is hard not to gawk at the sites when you live in New York City, but you learn to walk at the a pace that I have yet to experience in the cities I have lived in or by (Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC, and Albuquerque).  It is FAST.   And exactly right for what goes on in New York.  The tourists bunch up and stand there looking around like they just can't believe people actually live here.  Well, we did.

There are some 30,000 restaurants in New York and yet everybody who lives here seems to have their local favorite.  Ours happened to be exactly 12 feet from the entrance to our building.  Our building, by the way, is located at Lexington and 50th, kitty-corner to the Waldorf and across the street from the W Hotel in Midtown.  There is no way to describe what living there was like because there are at least seven hotels within a two block radius.  imageHere is a shot of the awning of our favorite diner.  You can just see beyond the sign a green awning.  That is the entrance to our old building.   I popped in there today to see if our doorman still worked there and behold!  Alan Jackson is the greatest doorman in Midtown.  We miss him.

Being in Manhattan and being so in love with my wife was the greatest gift.  So many people are less fortunate and never get to see a city live New York, let alone live there.  We are thankful for our time in this beautiful place. 

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