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Monday, August 25, 2008


My first month at Microsoft has been a blast.  I have met some very smart people and I have already started working on an interesting project.  

Also, I took a very nice trip to Seattle with my family.  We were a little apprehensive about taking two small children on their first airplane rides, but they behaved magnificently!   I will post pictures...

I honestly don't know what will become of this blog and mPfx.   I intend to keep working on the project and get a build out, but now that I am practically spare-time free, I am not sure when this will happen.  The blog will likely become an MSDN blog.  I will keep you posted.

For those that have asked for access to the experimental build, I have not forgotten you.  I have been either out of the office or totally engaged for the past 30 days.  When I get settled a bit, I will address each request individually until I get a build posted to CodePlex.

Friday, August 01, 2008

On Traveling Part II

Okay, so this is funny.  As I closed my last post, I was getting ready to get on an airplane.  We boarded and 15 minutes later we were out of the airplane, back in the airport.  The intercom on the plane was busted and couldn't fly without it.  We waited for 3 hours for the plane to be fixed.  I guess I cursed the flight be waxing so positive about traveling.

Interestingly, nobody got uptight on the flight except for the flight attendant who had to be replaced because she "had a migraine".


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