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Friday, August 14, 2009

Browser Download Sites – Markup Validation Service Score Roundup

I needed a quick break from the slog and I just happened to read an article about RockMelt, a forthcoming browser from the brain that brought us Netscape.  Just on a whim I ran the site through W3C’s markup validation service to see how much this group is paying attention.  There were 16 errors on the page.  Just for grins, I ran some other browser provider’s download pages through the validator.  Here are the results:

Firefox: 0 Errors

Opera: 0 Errors

SeaMonkey: 1 Error

Safari: 4 Errors

Google: 19 Errors

Internet Explorer: 75 Errors

I admit I was a little surprised at Google’s results because the site is so tidy.  Okay, out to dinner before I go back to work!

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