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Friday, October 26, 2012

Windows 8

We are doing a lot of testing and performance work on EVMS forProject™ these days so in between tests and performance runs I got a Windows 8 machine put together yesterday.

I have been working with Microsoft either as employee or a partner for almost 20 years.   I was working on campus when Windows 95 was launched and my second manager at Microsoft was the lead product manager on that launch.  Those were heady days. 

After that I was really interested in operating systems but nothing coming out of Microsoft was really exciting.  It was like the lost decade and the Bermuda triangle for operating systems. So when Windows 8 was released I was a bit apprehensive for Microsoft.  After all, they are our “mother ship”. 

Windows 8 is a huge gamble.  The user experience is different.  Very different.  I had read the pundit reviews prior to the release and watched a couple of videos on YouTube of people struggling to figure out how to start apps.  I knew what to expect when it first booted but I hadn’t used any of the betas.  I decided to just go with the flow and not try to force my old habits on Windows.  Of course for a guy who REALLY dislikes the mouse, this was a struggle at first.

Then I found this.

Now I am actually faster in Windows 8 than I am in 7 or 2008 Server.  Windows 8 is slick and fast.  It just flows. 

There are a few ways to access your apps.  First the tiles, which are surfaced when you hit the Windows key.  Here is a short video on starting Outlook using tiles.

Starting Outlook with Tiles

Another way is to use the search feature.  Pressing Windows Key + q and typing the name of the app you want to start.  Here is a short video demonstrating that.

Starting Outlook with Search

Microsoft did a great job redesigning PC settings.  The following are screenshots showing a few of the highlights:




The App Store is also pretty slick.  Here are the top free apps:


I updated some of the preinstalled apps, which also has a nice clean interface;


The new task manager rocks!




Check out the new mail app:


And the new messaging app:


Maps (I will avoid cracking a joke about the other guy’s map app):




And social:


Okay, back to work.  More later.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Announcing International Project Management Day

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International Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL) has put together an exciting program for International Project Management Day on November 1, 2012: Power of the Profession, a free virtual event featuring video presentations from global industry professionals, experts, and influencers.

You’ll learn about the most current and critical topics in project management through over 30 presentations worth up to 15 PDUs.  You’ll also have a chance to visit IIL Virtual Booths on various knowledge areas, live chat with the presenters, stop by Sponsor Booths, and download white papers and other collateral.


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