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Saturday, October 08, 2016

How to Remove Built-In Apps from Windows 10

The built-in apps that ship with Win10 are, depending on your purpose (I am a developer, my Aunt is a SCUA diver), not really relevant to what I do.  I have started a “skinner” that will change the Start menu, depending on what you are working on.  That’s later.
The standard screen will be some variation of this: 
Attached is a Windows PowerShell Script that allows you to pick and choose what is shown—plus, it actually UNINSTALLS the app, which is even better.
  • Save the script somewhere convenient
  • Click the Window key and start typing PowerShell.  You will see something called the following 
  • Right click and Run as Administrator

  • Open the script

  • Click the Green “Go” button on the toolbar and voilĂ , these pesky apps are gone.

If you decide to commit to the Windows 10 Start concept, it can be very useful and looks great as well:
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