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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Day OneDrive Went Crazy

With OneDrive installed and enabled, you should be able to link your account, choose a local location, and have your cloud content sync locally.  You can see this visually at the root of the local directory plus the various state overlays on the files.  Something went terribly wrong and EVERY SINGLE folder on all drives displayed the green checkbox overlay indicating it had been synced to the cloud.  Not so. Visiting the drive online shows just the files from the original local directory.

Repair, reboot, reset, registry deletions, nothing fixed it.  Finally I took a full backup and just went haywire.  I deleted EVERYTHING related to OneDrive on my machine and finally got rid of the overlays and also managed to disconnect the actual local drive.

Follow the instructions below to breath fresh life into your OneDrive installation before rolling back to a backup:



This is also handy if you REALLY can’t stand a cluttered Explore:

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