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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Testing 1-2.3


Trying Various Microphones

The head set was reported to be too faint. It doesn't have gain control so I pulled out my Telex M-560 from the device archive. It has all sorts of bells and whistles; it was the first microphone sanctioned for voice recognition without a headset or sound card.

Welcome to Star Trek

It certainly doesn't look like any microphone I have seen since I bought it over a decade ago: Telex M-560

I think this will be perfect for video's BUT you can still hear background noise from a server that is sitting about 3 feet to my left.  I need to move it so I can turn the gain up a bit more.  Until then, give the volume a tick up or two when you viewing videos from the channel.

Test Video

Who knows, I may have to borrow Parker's fancy microphone but I think the only significant problem is the server fans.  I never notice the sound any more until it was pointed out.  Thanks for the feedback.  Start using the comments so you can see if I am addressing any problems!  I get too much email as it is, but I am not complaining.


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